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What is a Mini Excavator?

March 11, 2014

A mini excavator, also referred to as compact excavator, is a type of construction equipment which is now earning popularity among construction companies due to the convenience it provides. It is a tracked or wheeled vehicle with an approximate operating weight from 0.7 to 8.5 tonnes. It generally includes a standard backfill blade and features independent boom swing.

Mini excavators were designed in the US and were introduced in Japanese markets in 1969. The first ever compact excavator was produced in 1971 by Takeuchi. Nowadays, the said machine is gaining popularity in Construction Industry and is widely used in the Japanese and European Markets. Its property increases its capability to perform more and has focused on fitting the complex hydraulic systems into a compact space. These devices are so flexible it enables a worker to perform just about any construction work; from using a hammer to break up concrete to digging holes for landscape work. These user-friendly, flexible devices are becoming an important construction tool, particularly in areas where constricted quarters requires smaller and lighter machines.

In addition, below are some of advantages of a compact excavator:

  • Mini excavators are small enough it fits through yard gates.
  • A lightweight machine that can cut red tape thus eliminates the necessity of acquiring special highway-hauling permits and commercial driver’s licenses
  • Functions like bigger excavators so anybody could quickly pick up the instruction on how to operate this machine.
  • Are much less noisy than big devices when traversing over concrete and hard surfaces.
  • It has rubber tracks that prevent it from scraping and grinding the surface like steel and from slipping while it is being loaded for transport. It can also move narrow places with minimal damage to the ground, thanks to its light footprint
  • Have rubberized covering that can shift into filter locations with little harm to the floor, thanks to its mild footprint
  • It fits on pull-behind trailer and can be loaded in pickup truck horsepower; some can even be loaded into an extended pickup bed
  • Are small enough to fit on pull-behind trailers and can be transported with pickup truck horsepower; some even fit in an extended pickup bed
  • Is compatible to various types of attachments.
  • These machines contains 360-degree swing arc that allows other machines, such as a dump truck, to be placed wherever necessary. Its rotating function enables them to deposit the load where it needs to be.

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