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December 12, 2013

Rubber Tracks Melbourne

For most of history, construction work was all performed by hand. The pace and scale of construction dramatically increased around the globe with the introduction of drivable construction equipment. In today's world, it is exceedingly rare for any construction project on a larger scale than a backyard garden to be attempted without such tools. One of the most versatile and effective of these tools is the rubber tracked excavator.


Put simply, the excavator is the king of digging. Aside from high explosives, there is nothing that can create a large hole in the ground more quickly and with less human effort than an excavator. In the case of explosives, even ignoring the obvious dangers, there is virtually no control over the shape or structure of the resulting crater. In the course of a day, an excavator can perform more work than dozens of men wielding shovels could accomplish in weeks. Some industries, like strip mining or creating sublevels for buildings, would be all but impossible without excavators.

Moving Earth

There are many situations where a great deal of earth must be moved from one place to a place only a few feet away. For example, in the landscaping world, creating artificial hills and mounds, or flattening those that already exist, is one of the most common projects. The old traditional way of dealing with this was for a truck full of earth to dump its load near the work site and a pack of shovel wielding men to descend on it with wheelbarrows to move it to its final home. A few hours later, a small hill would be the result. With an excavator to lift, pivot and drop, this hours long process can be completed in minutes.

The Sky is the Limit

Along with its specialized uses, an excavator is the most versatile of construction equipment. A bulldozer, while immensely powerful and supreme in its single purpose, can only do two things - push and pull. The loader arm of an excavator adds the ability to lift or push down to the basic push/pull paradigm. The ability to pivot in a stationary footprint adds even more control and versatility to its use.

One example of the creative use of an excavator is using it to install wooden fence posts. Two men, depending on the soil and their personal ability, can install a single fence post in anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour. With one person holding the post in position and the other using the excavator to push it into the ground, two people can install a fence post in seconds in virtually any soil conditions.

With all its natural capabilities, there is one thing that takes the excavator to another level - excavator rubber tracks. These allow the excavator to not only perform all these essential functions, but to do so without destroying the work area, as heavy equipment is notorious for doing.

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