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Advantages of Rubber Skid Steer Tracks

January 15, 2014

Rubber Skid Steer Tracks

When using skid steer loaders, You will have to choose between using tires or rubber tracks. Compared to using tires, rubber skid steer tracks have a few advantage, some of these advantages include flotation, pressure, stability, and traction. This article will discuss some of the advantages of using rubber skid steer tracks instead of tires.


Rubber tracks will provide better flotation than tires will. This is especially useful when working in wet, muddy, soft ground and slippery conditions. Rubber skid steer tracks won't sink down in the mud like tires normally will. While they provide you with better flotation, they also decrease the amount of pressure the machine puts on the ground.


Another advantage of rubber skid steer tracks deals with pressure. This enables your machine to perform under a vastly larger set of operating conditions and environments. Tires will leave deep ruts in the ground. Rubber skid steer tracks distribute the machine's weight better, so they put less pressure on the ground. Therefore, they won't leave those deep ruts on the surface. This is especially useful on delicate surfaces that need protection. In addition to causing less pressure on the ground, tracks will give you more stability.


Rubber skid steer tracks also provides a great level of stability. If you need to use skid steer loader on hilly terrain, you may have a problem when the tires start slipping. Tires also have a tendency to bounce. Rubber skid steer tracks provide superb control and breakout force on inclines and declines (steep hills, recessed ditches, and slopes of all kind). They will also never bounce around like tires.


Traction is the final advantage of rubber skid steer tracks. You may not want to use tires is you need to use the machine to work in moist areas. Tires will end up spinning when they come into contact with wet surfaces. Rubber skid steer tracks have more rubber in contact with the surface which provides better traction in these moist areas.

These are the difference and advantages of using rubber skid steer tracks instead of tires. Rubber tracks will provide better flotation than tires, so they are ideal to use on muddy or soft ground, and leaves lighter machine footprint due to reduced ground pressure psi, from wider distribution of weight over a larger surface area, safe to use on lawns, concrete, pavement, and sensitive landscaped area, enables your machine to perform a vastly larger set of tasks in all types of operating conditions.

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