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Comparison: Rubber Tracks and Steel Tracks

May 30, 2014

Steel Tracks

Get on track!

Tired of broken tracks? - Let us help you get on track.

If you are tired of broken tracks then let us help you find a solution. First, you will need to decide on whether rubber tracks or steel tracks will work best for you.

Rubber tracks provide a good alternative to steel.

Rubber tracks and steel tracks each have their advantages or disadvantages. Rubber tracks have become a popular option over steel tracks. Even though steel tracks have the advantage of being more elastic than you may think.

Which is more elastic – steel tracks or rubber tracks?

Believe it or not steel is very elastic. Rubber is known for being pliable. If you're basing your determination on which tracks are more elastic, either rubber or steel then here is something to think about.

You're probably wondering how steel can be elastic. Physics definition of elasticity is: "Resistance to change". By this definition, steel is more elastic. If steel is more resistant to change and it returns to its original shape quicker than rubber then it is more elastic right?

Track options can be confusing

Trying to decide over anything can be confusing, track options are no different. Since either rubber or steel are good options then base your decision based on current pricing. Weighing track options does not have to be difficult. Choosing based on terrain will also be a concern. Do you plan to use your equipment in inclement weather. In this case then rubber would be the best option.

Conclusion – Are you on track now?

Of course the quality of either type of tracks you purchase will depend on how they were manufactured. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is check out the ratings and reviews of the different manufacturers of rubber and steel tracks.

Review and things to consider:

  • Base a decision on price
  • Base your decision on quality of the manufactured products
  • Base your decision on how the tracks will be used, what type of terrain and in what weather or other conditions

Tracks are used in a variety of scenarios. Depending on different factors or elements (scenarios) you will choose your tracks accordingly. Either type of track you choose will withstand a great amount of pressure and will last a very long time.

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