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Choosing the Best Rubber Track

February 13, 2014

Rubber Tracks

If you've ever had problems with rubber tracks you may find yourself asking the question, what makes one rubber track better than another?

Tracks are made for many applications by many companies in many countries. We are now seeing tracks from Japan, Europe, USA, China, India, Sri Lanka etc...

The undercarriage of an excavator as a whole require the utmost protection given the type of environment it works in. Excavators are highly prone to damage and by having a good excavator rubber track can prevent downtime and lost revenue. When purchasing excavator rubber tracks there are a few important factors that must be considered. These factors decide the overall quality and longevity and of the tracks and by examining them before making a decision can help you make the right choice.

Steel Lining

The presence of a steel lining in them is important. Steel cables when used as lining keeps the rubber tracks from stretching beyond their limit and helps the tracks last longer allowing the wheels of the excavator to stay free from damage. The rubber tracks of the excavator face a lot of wear and tear to keep the wheels protected. However, over time the tracks get torn, damaged or ripped due to the rough terrains. Poor quality tracks can wear out in just a few months making them unreliable. It's necessary that the tracks purchased are first tested for their ripping capacity and only then if the results are satisfactory should you go on to purchase those tracks.

Correct Track

A problem that you might face is finding the correct type of track for your excavator. It is a known fact that there are many types of excavators available and choosing the right type of track is necessary. The rubber track needs to be chosen based on the type of environment it is working in. Excavators working on concrete floors require softer tracks that do not damage the surface. Different types of tracks have to be chosen for grass and asphalt areas. Another aspect of choosing good rubber tracks is to ensure that the rubber track suppresses the noise of the excavator.

Brand and Maintenance

Additionally one must expect to be able to purchase good quality tracks with replacement parts readily available from a well respected brand. Also, it is best if the dealer you buy from also does installation and maintenance. They should be there to assist you during the lifecycle of the rubber tracks ensuring the investment you have made.

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