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How to Install Replace Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

November 14, 2013

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The first, and almost certainly most crucial, step in replacing the rubber tracks on a mini excavator is being sure the tracks fit. Even a slight fit problem can make it impossible to install the new tracks, wasting both time and money. Perhaps worse than an impossible fit, a poorly fitting rubber track is far more likely to come off during use. Having to stop work to refit a track over and over can not only result in frustration, but push a job's schedule back and massively increase the hours paid to an operator. To understand how to order the track to fit, follow this link Rubber Tracks

Once it has been determined that the new track is the right size, it is time to remove the old track.

There are essentially two types of rubber track: continuous tracks are a closed loop, while the other is an open loop that can be closed with connectors.

For the open loop track, simply remove the pins holding it closed and drive the machine forward until the track is completely off.

For continuous tracks, things get more complicated. The machine must be jacked off the ground and the wheels that drive the track adjusted to make the track fit as loosely as possible. Once this is done, the track can be pulled off from the side. This can be an operation that requires anything from great force to no force at all. It really depends on whether the machine was specifically engineered to make continuous track replacement easy. In the worst case, removal may require a combination of rolling, pulling and patience.

Installing the replacement track is a reversal of the removal process. Non-continuous track is laid in front of or behind the excavator and the machine is driven onto the track. Once the excavator is sitting on the track, the ends can be brought up and connected.

For excavators specifically designed for easy continuous track use, simply put the new track in place and tighten the wheels. For others, force and patience will again be required. Work from one end to the other, pushing the track into place. Eventually, a point will come where a hard push or a slight turning of the wheel will pop the new track into place.

Once the new track is on, adjust the wheels to achieve the desired tightness for the track.

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